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Luigi’s Autumn Forecast for Harper’s Bazaar Interiors

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Luigi’s Autumn Forecast

Return to a more masculine design concept…. As society has been changing, especially in developed countries, men are spending a lot more time at home than in the past. So it’s no surprise that design has followed suit, becoming darker and more masculine, with cleaner lines and functionality.

Tactile textures…. People want to feel things that inspire warmth and comfort; suede, cashmere, Afghan, Alpaca and raw silks are some of the materials which will define the interior design world this year. Mixing these up in the same space is a key trend.

It’s all about the stripe…. Feel whimsical? Daring? How better to express it than with stripes; they are an easy way to make a space dynamic, modern and fresh. Whether in wallpaper, carpets or upholstery, stripes are here to stay. african influence. Think warm colours and animal skin fabrics to create an eclectic feel. Add to that exotic, carved wood and tones that evoke the African landscape.

Fearless technicolor…. This year is all about colour for drama and personality. Palettes have definitely become more vivid; anything from bright fuchsia to turquoise, spicy oranges to yellows, violets to garden greens – colour has made a comeback.

Back to nature…. Raw wood with beautiful grain, shaped into fresh modern lines will always give your interior the spirit of the outdoors. Just the right antidote to revive you after a blisteringly hot summer.

Style and Pattern clash….Here’s where you can go crazy mixing unassuming materials with more luxurious ones. This is one trend that is set to continue evolving as we become more confident of our personal styles; bringing diverse elements together and layering patterns to create a bold harmony. Here there are NO rules.

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