Luigi Irauzqui – Lifestyle Guru and Celebrity Interior Designer Los Angeles

BELLO Magazine – Luigi’s 5 International Obsessions


1) From Istambul, TURKEY:

DIANTHUS Scented Candles:

DIANTHUS mixes different notes of scents reminiscent with the culture of this unique city, comprising of fragrant candles,  bamboo sticks and pillow and sheet aromatherapy.

It appeals to your sense of smell and it affects emotion, memory and the creative side of our brain.

Dianthus Istanbul designs its hand made products byusing unique materials for their high-end packaging such as silver and silver coating, copper and bronze.

The most unique and original packaging of any candle I have ever seen.


2) From Ghana, WEST AFRICA:


Mary Mary African Label designs products made by artisans in Ghana, West Africa and they use unique blocked African cotton to achieve the wildest of colors and tones with animal skin fabrics that evoke the African landscape. Their range include cushions, quilt covers and robes.

Proceeds from the sale of Mary Mary’s African Label products go back to the village in Ghana where it is manufactured.


3) From Lima, PERU:


Wasi Wasi makes beautiful Alpaca Throws made of 100% baby superfine baby Alpaca.

Hand woven on old-fashioned wooden looms by artisans in the Andean villages of Ayacucho and Cuzco, Alpaca provides the incredible softness of cashmere; luster of silk; lightness of feathers and the warmth of wool.

The throws are light and trap body heat in cooler weather and releases heat when it warms up, making it rich and luxurious year-round and they are Eco-Friendly and 100% hypoallergenic.

Available in a variety of modern colors, from Smokey Heather to Ochre Orange or with a Herringbone or Scottish pattern.

Draped over a sofa for a decadent look or over the bed for those chilly autumn LA nights…


4) From Marrakesh, MOROCCO:


Nothing spells romance and mystery as a Moroccan lantern from Marrakech lit at night.

Moroccan Lanterns and lamps are the perfect touch for infusing a Moroccan feel to any room.

Moroccan lighting, upscale Moorish light fixtures and Moroccan lanterns can add a romantic mood and an exotic ambience to any space.

Moroccan architecture and interior design express the country’s diverse and rich history through detail, texture and geometry. Influenced by multiple cultures and religions, this style can feel at home in traditional or modern homes. Rich, luxurious and exotic, the style has bold colors and shapes that make it a favorite of many interior designers.

At Mosaik you can infuse a little Middle Eastern drama into a modern environment and watch it come alive!


5) From Sydney, AUSTRALIA:


Out of Sydney, Australia searched wide and low to find a tannery in Argentina that would supply the best quality hides.

Individually selecting each hide, composing exclusive designs and patterns, Mary Mary got t the perfect combination of quality and design.

Originating from the world-renowned Pampas Grasslands of Argentina & Brazil, these cowhides are selected for their superior quality, shine and softness. These rugs are not dyed and they only use the natural coloring of cowhide. These premium cowhides are hand finished for the perfect look.

As a natural product, every rug is one-of-a-kind so it makes it unique for your home.

I find that a cowhide rug is perfect for any style of decor, adding masculinity and sophistication to your space.