Luigi Irauzqui – Lifestyle Guru and Celebrity Interior Designer Los Angeles



My name is Luigi Irauzqui…

I love achieving a vision…inspired by the simplest of things…a color… a special find in an antique store…a painting or nature itself and transforming it into the ultimate grand design.

“I am the ultimate shopper…and to get paid for it… it is THE dream job…but it is hard to part with pieces that I fall in love with daily. Knowing that it is an integral part of the complete picture gives me some closure.

I can trace my love for interior design back to my fascination of building things as a child and “putting things together”.
I have always been drawn and had an eye for beautiful things…

I love what my designs can do for people.

I love interior design because the way a space is designed can make a difference in someone else’s life.

Good design enriches and improves the lives of others.

I love to get into my client’s mindset and guide them through their vision of what they want and give them the tools and the know-how to make that vision a reality.

I made my reputation not by drawing on formal traditional training but rather relying on my acute sense of aesthetics, composition, an intense curiosity for design and architecture and a pretty unique talent for creating a décor that is undeniably mine yet reflecting my client’s personality.

My philosophy on interior design is simple: keep an open mind and never be afraid to try new things….just “Turn Good Ideas Into Good Spaces”….