Luigi Irauzqui – Lifestyle Guru and Celebrity Interior Designer Los Angeles




From set design to iconic Television series such as NIP/TUCK, THE HILLS and THE BACHELORETTE, THE BACHELOR and BACHELOR PAD brands and films such as OCEAN’S 11, NEVER BEEN KISSED and DONNIE DARKO,  CASAVECCHIA is a creative design services group that specializes in Television, Event and Production Design.

We are conveniently based in the heart of Hollywood, California.



Cutting-edge contemporary handcrafted furniture:  liveable, luxurious and timeless….. yet approachable designs.

All pieces are customized to our clients’ own specifications.

From sketch to finishing we build unique furniture to complement and enhance every architectural project we undertake.

We represent an exclusive assortment of international high end wall treatments with an exclusive assortment of mosaic, natural stone, pavers and other  modern innovative surface options for walls and floors.

HB6P5F1850_vig5_lessblueTABLE DECOR

Every dinner party or event, whether intimate or grand needs an eye-catching table setting which can reflect and express the client’s personality.

Setting a theme for the table will captivate your guests and needs  to have a consistent look from start to finish….from the glassware, dinnerware and flatware…to the linens, flowers and illumination of the tabletop.

We are event design specialists: we have created many spectacular and stunning table decorations for all types of events. From the most sophisticated of weddings, to the most conceptual corporate or industry functions, we can custom design and tailor-make the most unique of table decors that will meet with the client’s needs and taste.

We specialize in Hollywood industry events as we know how to deliver  the right brand messaging.